A success of a drama is based on various factors but when these beautiful actresses lead the drama, the viewership unexpectedly low.

Go Ara

Go Ara previous agency was SM Entertainment and she has appeared in many dramas such as her first drama ‘Sharp’ in 2003, ‘Who Are You?’, ‘No Limit’, ‘You’re All Surrounded’ and her most recent drama ‘Hwarang’. She was chosen to play the female lead of all the dramas above and was partnered with the famous actors but she did not leave any special impact to the audience. Her most famous lead drama would be Reply 1994 but discussion is still lower compared to Reply 1997 and 1988 version. This year, she left SM and will be starring in drama ‘Black’, so looking forward to her performance in the drama!

Shin Se KyungL

Well-known for her beauty and was also chosen as the female lead in various dramas such as ‘Fashion King’, ‘When A Man Loves’, ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’, ‘Six Flying Dragons’ and ‘The Bride of the Water God’. She often partnered with high popularity actors, Yoo Ah-in, Song Seung Hyun, Lee Dong Wook, Park Yoo Chun and Nam Joo Hyuk. But all the dramas that she was leading did not receive good result, many started to wonder is she lacking in acting or her problem in choosing the drama script?

Lee Yeon Hee

Her most memorable drama was her cameo appearance at drama ‘Gu Family Book’ starring as Yoon Seo Hwa, the mother of Choi Kang Chi (starry by Lee Seung Gi). Asides, her main lead dramas, ‘Miss Korea’, ‘Hwajung’ and more did not receive good results. Her most recent dramas ‘Reunited Worlds’ and upcoming drama ‘The Package’, however, focusing more on the main leads rather than her.

Above beautiful actresses have received in major low viewership on their lead dramas, some said they are lacking in their acting skills and some said the drama contents affected them to perform better, what do you think?