Earlier today, CL posted a long letter on her SNS and expressed her struggles after 2NE1 disband and teased to comeback with solo album.

CL, the leader of 2NE1 who debuted in 2009 and the group disbanded on 25 November 2011.

CL actively having promotion a solo singer and has released 2 single songs ‘Doctor Pepper’ and ‘Hello Bitches’ in 2015. Followed by ‘Lifted’ which released in 2016. We often see her busy for her schedule in Europe/US.

And earlier today, she uploaded a long letter and expressed her feelings.

She thanks fans for waiting for her and she promised to have new music to meet the fans soon. She then further expressed her struggles living as Lee Chae Rin and CL and stated that she needs time to heal, grow, learn, explore, discover, realize and figure her working and personal life.  

After the emotional message, she then ended by announcing to comeback with new album which produced by the world best team from the east and west. Lastly, she thanks fans for all the album delay jokes. xD

Fans have the mix feelings when reading the letter, hope CL will go through all the bad while the good ones are waiting ahead! All the best!

photo source: CL IG