In most recent episode of ‘Hyori’s Homestay’, Lee Hyori, IU and the guest Dami went for shopping but they taste were totally different~

IU chose a purple sling back and when Lee Hyori saw it she then asked: “Ji Eun ah~ Is the bag really nice?”, IU then replied: “Not nice?” At the end, Hyori then said: “Our tastes are really different, so different!” while checking IU selected clothes.

Lee Hyori also mentioned: “The song ‘Palette’ has included the lyrics of ‘liking the old-fashion’ right?! ah~ This is your true-self!” Is funny when IU choosing the clothes she like and Hyori will stand aside full of questions. Hyori even asked Dami to stop IU from buying.

IU just can’t give up red and orange clothes~ xD

After the show was broadcasted, IU’s stylish then posted on Instagram: “Every time when Ji Eun bought something back I will then said ‘Why you brought this?’ but what surprised me was the clothes fit well on Ji Eun, but still…” IU then replied: “I also scare will ashamed the stylish, so when going to the airport I will start to worry and try to wear the best.”

Asides, today JTBC revealed that: “Hyori’s Homestay will extend for 2 more episodes with 1 special episode included in it. The last episode will be aired on 24 September.” Hyori’s Homestay has received lots of love from the audience and has break 9.9% viewership.

photo source: JTBC, wwwwwwn88、boxgame