V.I.P is starring by actor Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Myung Min, Park Hee Sun and more. The movie has topped first for 4-days continuously as soon as it released. Lee Jong Suk took the challenge to act as a bad character for the first time and has surprised the audience with his outstanding acting skills. Let’s check out what’s the hidden smile behind the murderer, Kim Gwang-Il.

Lee Jong Suk starring as a psychopath, Kim Gwang-Il who came from the North Korea. Lee Jong Suk’s characters in his previous characters in drama/movie often tied with ‘kind’ and ‘good’ image, but this time the character was totally different. He rested for a year before receiving ‘V.I.P’ script, so he wanted to start a new project. After reading the script, Lee Jong Suk then contacted the director first and volunteered himself to participate, but as he started to study the character of Kim Gwang Il, he can’t hide his consternation. “Normally before an actor starting to act, he/she will create the background for the character but I just can’t agree and accept the character at first which gave me lots of difficulties to start off.”Friends of Lee Jong Suk have asked him to not accept the character as Kim Gwang Il and Lee Jong Suk himself also worried will leave a bad impression on the fans. At the end, he decided to accept the character: “Moving forward I will continue in acting and this is the right moment to start acting this kind of character. Although it’s still in the early stage but I will take the risk.”

Lastly, Lee Jong Suk said: “I hope the movie will receive a good result and most importantly, I hope the audience will think ‘Lee Jong Suk is the person who is good in acting.'” He added: “I hope everyone able to see I’m also good at this character.”

Photo source: YG Ent, Warner Music