Although both GD and Taeyang are busy for their schedules, but they will still support each other whenever they are.

Yesterday OPPA Thoughts broadcast has welcomed BigBang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon even did an interview for Tae Yang during his world tour.

G-Dragon first being asked: “Taeyang said he is a funny person off stage, what do you think?” GD then answered: “I think is because he is drunk.” Next question: “What kind of person are you to Taeyang.” GD answered: “Taeyang doesn’t have a lot of friends and I think I’m his only friend.” (actually when asking the questions, GD’s identity is not revealed yet.)

The production team asked him to say a word to Tae Yang who just released his solo album, GD: “Taeyang is like a friend who’s like a brother to me. He was stress when preparing for his album, he looks tired but I am happy that he has a satisfying result. As a friend, I felt happy and hope he does well.”

Taeyang then said: “GD has a special presence than other friends, we met each other at the age of 13 until now, he will accompany me till the second half of my life.”

Asides the emotional messages, Taeyang has transformed to the lady-like Taeyang and showed his cute sides. Check out the broadcast!

photo source: MBC