The 7-year curse haunts another idol groups. This year June, Infinite celebrated their 7th Debut anniversary at the same time due-date of their contracts. At the end, 6 members renewed their contract and Hoya decided to leave.

Infinite debut on 9 June 2010 with 7 members – Sunggyu, Dong Woo, Woo Hyun, Sung Yeol, Hoya, L and Sung Jong. They showed off their unique charisma and each member has infinite potential.

Time flies and after on 9 June 2017 welcomed their 7th Debut Anniversary but is also the exclusive contract expiry date with Woolim Entertainment. They have received high attention on their contract renewal.

Today, Woolim released a statement stated that Hoya will not renew his contract and decided to leave the group. The remaining 6 members have renewed the contracts and preparing to continue their career as 6 member group.

During this 7 years, Infinite has released many hit songs such as ‘Be Mine’, ‘Paradise’, ‘The Chaser’, ‘Destiny’ and more. Not only promote as the idol group, each member also actively promote in various platforms. Hoya and Dong Woo also promoted as sub-unit group, Infinite H. They have been through a lot as a team but no matter how we wish him and the remaining members all the best!