It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blanket invited the celebrities who love to stay at home/room also known as the homebodies: Lee Sang Woo, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, EXO’s Xiumin, Highlight’s Yong Jung Hyung and Park Jae Jung. The first episode reached 5% viewership and many are looking forward to their interaction!

This is Lee Sang Woo first reality-show appearance and he showed his cute image which is different from the image in dramas. Watch how lovely when he contacted his wife when he’s too free.

Yong Jung Hyung, however, waited for 30 minutes to drink water. He constantly checked whether there’s someone outside the door but who know’s the moment he decided to go out from his room, he bumped into Park Jae Jung who’s moving his luggage. Watch the awkward moments between them~xD

Park Jae Jung has lots of luggage seems like they are not going for 3 Days 2 Night trip but more than that~ He even moved the clothes stand to the house. The next day, when Lee Sang Woo, Yong Jung Hyung and Park Jae Jung met for breakfast, Park Jae Jung then told them his age to break the awkwardness, but who know’s the atmosphere became more awkward after that. 

The youngest, Kang Daniel who loves to talk to himself, loves to read comics and eat jelly. What’s more hilarious is he carries a mosquito zapper around him as he scares of bugs. Such a cute maknae~

4 of them looks extremely awkward on the first meet and they keep looking at each other without a single word~ But thanks to the subtitle and background music, the whole atmosphere feels great on them. Xiumin will be joining in next episode and hope they will have more interaction.

photo source: MBC