Taeyang recently comeback with his new album and has actively appeared on various variety show.

Kim Heung Gook and Taeyang guested in the most recent episode of Oppa Thoughts. The MC asked Taeyang: “Are you a quiet or fun person?” Taeyang then answered: “I am a fun person, I often throw a lot of dad jokes but the surrounding responses are not that good.”

The MC continued to ask: “Among the members, who like your dad jokes most?” Taeyang then said: “Members don’t take my jokes nicely if they laugh they will then lose. So when I finish telling the joke, they will then pretend to laugh and said they have lost.” xD

The MC asked again: “Taeyang’s dad jokes, so what is her (Min Hyorin)’s reaction?” Taeyang answered: “Actually she doesn’t show much reaction, so I say it more often to get acknowledgement.”

Recently Taeyang appeared on I Live Alone, Knowing Brothers, Oppa Thoughts and showed his variety sense. He kick started his solo concert ‘White Night’ in Seoul and will soon embark his world tour in US.

photo source: MBC, YG, Taeyang IG