The lovely photo teaser between Xiumin and Kang Daniel, looking forward to the roommate chemistry between them~

Last week, variety show ‘It’s Dangerous Outside the Blanket’ aired its first episode and many have fallen in love with the awkward moments between Lee Sang Woo, Yong Jung Hyung, Park Jae Jung and Kang Daniel~ Xiumin did not join the first episode due to his schedule, but no worries, 2nd episode onwards he will show his homebody ‘charisma’.

Xiumin will meet his roommate, Kang Daniel and Kang Daniel can’t hide his excitement after he saw Xiumin and said: “I am same room with EXO?” Xiumin, however, said: “You’re so cute” when he meets Kang Daniel. Xiumin is very obsessed with cleanliness, and Kang Daniel is more easy-going, so looking forward to their interaction.

In the epsiode, the homebodies who always stayed in the room or house are finally stepped out from the roof and went out for outdoor cycling and even have water polo.

Enjoy the hilarious new variety show that will definitely lighten your day.