This week Weekly Idol welcomed Pledis Entertainment family which includes Raina, NU’EST W, Pristin and Han Dong Geun.

Pledis Entertainment artists recently appeared on Weekly Idol with their most recent project. Although all of them are from Pledis but seems like they are not too close, so through Weekly Idol they get to know each other more. (ps: Jong hyun do remember to get Raina’s phone number~ xD)

During the session where each team allows to promote their most recent track. NU’EST W performed their ballad song ‘If You’, although the song has no dance movement, but Jong Hyun Don insists them to create their own movement for the song.

Check out the hilarious dance choreography that randomly created by the members. There’ll be part 2 featuring Pledis Family as well, so do stay tuned for more~

photo screen capture credit: All the K-POP