Title songs often shines over other songs in the album, actually other than the title songs there are many songs which are included in the album but is not promoted. So before EXO returned with their repackage album, let us share our best non-title tracks.

EXO has released lots of hit and great songs since they debut, the title songs include ‘Growl’, ‘Overdose’, ‘Call Me Baby’, ‘Monster’, ‘Lucky One’ and ‘Ko Ko Bop’. Other than these title songs, these are our favourite as well:

‘Don’t Go’, with soft melody perfect with the dance choreography. Many EXO-L like this stage performance as well.

When we listen to the lively tracks such as ‘Peter Pan’, ‘XOXO’, ‘Lucky’, ‘3,6,5’, it lightens our mood by listening to it. Out of all, our favourite is ‘Peter Pan’~

Two vocalists shine in the ‘Moonlight’ with their great voice that suits this ballad track.

‘El Dorado’ gave the greatest stage effect paired with the high-tone voice.

‘Promise’, a meaningful song which composed by the member. This song will create the touching moment that put us in tears.

Of course, not only above songs are great, we have more to share. Stay tuned to part 2.

video source: Youtube