NU’EST’s JR (Kim Jong Hyun), the national leader is just way too funny and cute when he speaks.

In the recent episode of Weekly Idol, Pledis Family’s artists -Raina, NU’EST W, Pristin and Han Dong Geun guested on the shows.

During the opening of show, they realised that everyone doesn’t have Raina’s phone number except NU’EST Baekho. Raina then explained: “Because I’m sister and also senior, and I am introvert and did not like to approach people first. And everybody is too shy, so we did not exchange our phone numbers.” Jung Hyungdon then said: “nope~ on the first day of Jonghyun’s shooting day he then asked me for phone number~ When finished the filming, he even sent messages to me said you have worked hard.” Raina faced then awkwardly changed, Jonghyun then quickly explained: “We interact on internet games.”

Jung Hyungdon then showed off Jonghyun’s loves towards him and added: “Jonghyun also always said I love you~ Fighting hyung~” Jonghyun then said he will first ask for Raina’s contact then Raina coolly said: “come and find me then.” Two of them entered the company at the same time, hope they will become closer after this.

When comes to the next session, Kim Jong Hyun then showed his hilarious acrostic poem talent, he even took the challenge of Raina acrostic poem.

Ra 레):Raina Sister…
i(이):How can you be so pretty?
na(나):Take my heart away!

Not only Raina, he flutters every women’s heart~ xD

screen capture source: All the K-Pop