Girls’ Generation’s Yoona to release her solo track ‘You Are My Star’ on 8 September as the 23rd artist of SM Station Season 2.

Last year march, Yoona has collaborated with 10CM and released ‘Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway’ as part of SM Station and received great responses. This time her new song will release both Korean and Chinese versions which we look more forward into it.

Yoona not only active as a singer but also actively promote as an actress. Yoona starring as the female lead ‘Eun San’ in MBC’s current broadcast drama ‘The King in Love’ and last year also appeared on China drama and hit 100 Million views. Her appearance in China’s live broadcast show has set as the Korean celebrity with most audiences view.

Back to the topic, SM Station Season 2 will continue to bring different tracks feature different singers collaboration. Looking forward to Yoona’s new track~

photo source: SM