The best brother Song Seung Hyun and So Ji Sub! Recently So Ji Sub sent a snack track to the drama set to support Song Seung Hyun who is filming for his main lead drama, Black.

Song Seung Hyun thanks So Ji Sub by posted a selfie in front of the snack track written: “Thank You Sub!”. The snack track banner stated: Cheers for actor Song Seung Hyun, actor Lee Hyo Je and Black production team.” with Song Seung Hyun and child actor Lee Hyo Je picture on it.

Song Seung Hyun currently is filming for OCN’s new drama ‘Black’ which talks about the struggles of the Grim Reaper, Black and Haram who can foresee death trying to break heaven’s rules and save people lives. The drama will broadcast on 14 October with Song Seung Hyun starring as the male lead, Black and Go Ara starring as the female lead, Haram.

Song Seung Hyun and So Ji Sub are well-known for their close relationship since debut. (ps: friendship for more than 10 years) Previously, So Ji Sub also revealed that he often stayed over night at Song Seung Hyun’s house when he worked til late night and has no car to go back. He even borrowed Song Seung Hyun’s boxer as he has no extra. That’s how close they are he explained.

photo source: Song Seung Hyun IG/ internet