Actor Park Bo Gum has no new project for a year and during his resting period, movies, dramas, etc have constantly invited him to join the auditions and many are looking forward to his next project.

Park Bo Gum joined KBS2TV’s drama ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ last year October and since then he has no new project. Recently, the drama also celebrated their 1st anniversary. Many production teams have approached him but until now he did not make any decision.

Early this year, director Lee Yong Joo (director of Architecture 101) returned with his new movie ‘Seo Bok. Park Bo Gum was one of the top candidates but at the end he did not join the movie. In February, movie Ansi City also considered Park Bo Gum to join the cast but he did not accept the project as well. The famous SBS’s Master of Sun – Hong sisters writer also offered Park Bo Gum to star in their new project ‘Warm and Cozy’ but they did not succeed to invite him. Recently, it is also reported that few web dramas approached Park Bo Gum as well.

Park Bo Gum debuted in 2011 and his character in Reply 1988 has received lots of compliments. On the next year, he then joined ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ and received high viewerships. At the year ceremony, he also received the big awards. He received high popularity in these 2 years at the age of 24.

The insider said that: “Recently many young actors have issues regarding military service. Previously we looked those actors and has now transferred to Park Bo gum. His young image fits any genre, no matter is romance, action movie or traditional drama. Seems like all these fit him well, is really rare to see such actor.”

So many projects are waiting for Park Bo Gum but he still not decides on his next project. Park Bo Gum agency stated that currently there’s no character or project that fits Park Bo Gum so he did not specifically make his decision on next project. In future, there’ll be more possibility and currently is looking for more projects. Until then, let’s wait for his next project.