Today, famous Korean writer Kim Eun Sook participated in a panel discussion and talks about which actor has rejected her the most. The answer – Goblin’s male lead, Gong Yoo.

This panel discussion titled as ‘The Best Meets the Best, ‘Goblin’ VS ‘Signal’ which writer Kim Eun Sook represents ‘Goblin’ and writer Kim Won Suk represents ‘Signal’.

Kim Eun Sook shared the story of her casting process: “I get rejected for so many times, so when an actor agreed to join, I will fall in love with the actor as the character and only think of that actor. No matter is male or female, I hope after the drama is over, his or her popularity will increase or continue and shoot lots of advertisements.”

When MC asked who rejected her the most, Kim Eun Sook then said: “Gong Yoo rejected me the most. But I persistently try it over and over again and finally Goblin is produced. Looking at the scenes, I was so proud, he is such a great actor.”

Thanks to Kim writer we able to watch ‘Goblin’ with Gong Yoo that best suits the character.