In recent episode of KBS2 variety show ‘Pot Stand’, Kim Hee Chul talked about the rumours of him being gay.

In the program, Kim Hee Chul visited Bae Ji Young, Cosmic Girls, TWICE and more senior and junior female celebrities to get some tips for his guideline book, ‘Secret Dating of Girl Groups’.

In order to understand more on girl groups’ dating, Kim Hee Chul visited Pristin’s Kyulkyung and the entertainment reporter. He asked some questions regarding the dating spots and etc.

There are many rumours about the celebrities¬†on the Internet, Kim Hee Chul said: “Is been awhile since I have dated. Recently, I saw chat room rumours about celebrity ‘A’ being gay. When I read that, I still thinking who is that person and at the end, I found out that the celebrity ‘A’ is me. Then I realised that 99% of the chat room rumours are false.”

Actually, Kim Hee Chul has mentioned in Knowing Brothers, Happy Together and various variety programs that he is close with many female celebrities and so I was often mistaken as gay but I am not. But every time when the gay topic being discussed, he did not angry or deny and just laughed. 

Kim Hee Chul said: “I am not gay and I like girls”. He said he did not strongly deny on him being gay cause he thought that would be rude to the Gay. He added Gay is just sexual orientation and has different value so he tries not to explain these rumours.

Although Kim Hee Chul was bothered by all the false rumours but he chose to deal it privately. I think the reason why he is so close with the female celebrities is due to his good personality.

photo source: Kim Hee Chul IG, ‘Pot Stand’ screen capture, Happy Together screen capture