Followed by Wanna One great success and high popularity, it reminds us the girls who trained hard in ‘Produce 101 Season 1’. Do you still remember the girls in Season 1? Is been a year and 4 months since the season 1, so what are the Top 20 including the 11 members from I.O.I doing? Let’s check out.

Out of the top 20, total of 13 trainees have successfully debuted as idols. After I.O.I finished their promotion, out of 11 members, 9 have officially debuted.

Jeon Somi who ranked 1st and Kim Sohye who ranked 5th have yet officially debut with an album, but they have often appeared on variety shows. However, the top 11-20 trainees, Kim Nayoung, Yoon Chaekyung, Lee Haein and Ki Hyuhyeon have officially debut as one of the members in the idol girl groups. Out of the 20 trainees. some are now one of the members in gu9udan, Weki Meki, Pristin, Cosmic Girls, April and I.B.I, total of 7 groups. 

photo source: internet