Student assault cases often set as the topic for movie and drama in Korea, these stories often on TV as well. Recently, the Busan student assault incident has shocked every netizen in Korea.

A 14-year-old female student was assaulted by a group of female students in Busan. Her whole body was injured and was bleeding. Is really sad to see this!

As the students who assaulted the female student were all under age, so at first the police verbally persuade them, and due to this the female student was assaulted by the same group of students once again. The situation became serious and recently the news revealed the CCTV footage. You won’t imagine why female at such a young age can do such violent actions.

2PM’s Chansung has spoken up regarding the news and posted a message on his Twitter:

“Because they are too young and can’t make the correct judgement, so the country legally protects them. Although I can understand but will it due to legal punishment is too weak and so they are not conscious on how big the mistake that they have done? Repentance can only be done when they realised what they have done wrong, but are they even conscious of how big the mistake they made?”

The tweets have received high attention, hope they will make the right judgement to protect the female student who was physically and mentally hurt.

photo screen capture:황찬성Twitter