Sunmi and Hyuna were debuted as one of the members of Wonder Girls in 2007. Both have separately left the group and have now become the outstanding solo singers! Yesterday, Sunmi and Hyuna were against each other for the trophy, but they lovely interaction has attracted our attention.

In Mnet recent broadcast of M! Countdown, Sunmi returns with her title song ‘Gashina’ and Hyuna comback with her title song ‘Babe’. Sunmi took the trophy and became the champion in week 2 of September.

Sunmi was shocked to grab her first win in M! Countdown, she thanked the agency, staffs and fans. She even thanked the idols/singers who appeared together on stage. The cool senior has received applause from the fans.

During her encore performance, Hyuna then approached her and gave her a big hug as wishes. Is been a long time since they were on the same stage, although they are on a different pathway but their relationship is still going strong. Let us reply Sunmi’s sexy + cute Gashina performance.

photo source: miyayeah
video source: Mnet