Lee Min Ho currently is in military service and many Lee Min Ho endorsed brands have now replaced by Park Bo Gum.

Park Bo Gum who currently in his resting period but he has continuously endorsed new products and became one of the advertisers’ favourite. Lee Min Ho is known as the long-run ambassador which means the brands have consistently used Lee Min Ho as the ambassador. So what’s the connection between these two top handsome actors?

  1. Work Wear

The slogan ‘What to wear for tomorrow?, stands for TNGT, the male working cloth. The brand started to use Lee Min Ho as their ambassador since 2015 until their contract ends in 2016. And now, Park Bo Gum is the ambassador of the brand. Unlike Lee Min Ho who gave the mature yet leisure look, Park Bo Gum, however, gave a cute image with the suits on him. This allows the younger generation to try on suits as well.

2. Sports wear

Eider, a sports brand from France who invited Lee Min Ho as the brand ambassador since 2011 until the day he enlisted in the military. The female ambassadors have changed for several times but the male ambassador is always Lee Min Ho.

As Lee Min Ho enlisted, Eider has changed to the new ambassador which is the youthful Park Bo Gum.

3. Drinks

The famous drink Coca-Cola, recently also invited Park Bo Gum as their brand ambassador. Recently, when we think of coke, we will not forget the smiling face of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoona who promote for Pyeongchang Olympic.

Back in 2016, Coca-Cola company has invited Lee Min Ho to endorse for it’s coffee brand. Not only Park Bo Gum and Lee Min Ho, many drinks that under the company have invited many popular celebrities such as Park Bo Young, Ma Dong Suk and more.

By looking at a number of brands, we knew that both Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Gum are the advertisers’ favourite. Not only above brands, there are brands such as chocolate, bags, beauty products are endorsed by them.

photo source: TNGT Official Website, Eider Official Facebook, Coca-cola Official photos, Youtube screen capture