Soohyun’s voice is really great. Although the brother-sister, Akdong Musician always fight with each other, but when comes to music, they are perfect match in performing any songs.

‘Choovely’s Outing’ which Choo Sarang’s family and Akdong Musician went to Mongolia. They spent their time together and experience the local lifestyle. If you watch the first episode, you will realise that Sarang is all grown up!

In the variety show, which Choo’s family and Akdong Musician were at the car and to kill time, Akdong Musician sang ‘Frozen’ OST – ‘Let It Go’ for Sarang. Chanhyuk played the guitar and harmonically match Soohyun’s voice~ They always argue with each other, but they showed their best chemistry when it comes to music performance. Even Sarang was excited and sang along with them~

Soohyun and Chanhyuk have stayed in Mongolia and they will become the Choo’s family tour guides and bring them to experience the local lifestyle. Looking forward to the interesting stories happened in the show!