GFRIEND will return with their repackage album on 13 September, hope the members fully rest and are safe.

Yesterday afternoon, GFRIEND was involved in a minor car accident while they are on their way to Incheon Kpop Concert 2017 (INK Concert). Thank God, the members did not have any injuries beyond minor bruises and GFRIEND was taken to the hospital for examination.

Right after, GFRIEND’s agency immediately responded: “Although is not a serious car accident, but we decided not to participate in today’s Incheon K-pop Concert 2017 and the members are now at the hospital having examination.”

The members have returned home from hospital and resting, and their comeback date on September 13 will continue as planned. GFRIEND will return with their repackage album ‘Rainbow’, hope they returned healthily.

photo source: Source Music