Recently, ‘Reply 1988’ Director is busy shooting for his new drama at Gocheok Sky Dome and a special guest came to visit him. The special guest is Park Bo Gum who collaborated with the director in drama ‘Reply 1988’.

The reason why Park Bo Gum went to drama-set is that he remembered the director’s birthday and so he decided to pay a visit and bought a cake for the director. Not only that, he also bought many snacks for the staffs who worked there.

When the director was working, Park Bo Gum then quietly sat at the audiences’ seat. He accepted all the fans requests when the fans approached him for picture and signature~ (ps: such a nice guys)

‘Reply 1988’ has ended for a long time but Park Bo Gum still remember the director’s birthday. He is just too lovely. The director said that Bo Gum contacted him too often until he asked him not to contact him~

According to source, Park Bo Gum appearance has hit the drama-set, especially to the female staffs.

Of course, not only female fans, there are male fans as well~

photo source: NATE PANN