Actually, without the writer mentioned, we know the best chefs will be these 2 celebrities~ Hope they will have chance to meet at the variety show and compete on who’s much better in cooking~

tvN’s variety show ‘Three Days A Meal’ has received great feedback in Korea and also internationally. The guests who appeared on the show and showed their outstanding cooking skills have captured the audiences’ attention. Recently, writer Kim Dae Joo (literal translate) who collaborated with Na Young Seok PD in various variety show had an interview and talked about ‘Three Days A Meal’.

When being asked: “Out of all the guests, who’s cooked meal is the best?” Writer Kim answered without hesitation: “Cha Seung Won and Eric, both are great and their foods have different styles. Eric is slow but cooked the¬†great meal, he always finished cooking when we were really really hungry, but it was delicious, especially the soup which is thick and nice.” “Cha Seung Won’s food more towards family food, his foods are the food that we are familiar with, it was delicious as well. If Cha Seung Won’s food is home cook food, then Eric’s food is restaurant cuisine.”

Writer¬†Kim further revealed that when Lee Seo Jin tasted delicious food, he will then pass to the production team to try. There’re few reactions when Lee Seo Jin tasted delicious. Firstly he will show his dimple and ask others to try. And when he always say ‘Is troublesome’, he actually works hard. Before he bakes the bread, he will jot down the baking procedure.

In the latest season of ‘Three Days A Meal – Sea Ranch Special’ which airs on every Friday night. Lee Seo Jin, Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang reunited again, so how do they make the decision on the menu? Writer Kim answered: “Before the shooting, the production team will discuss with them first, Eric provides many ideas and in reality, he did prepare lots of dishes. Lee Seo Jin, however, asks us what we want to eat, then based on that direction and prepare.”

photo source: KSD