EXO’s background recently revealed on the radio show that he’s a big fan of Bolbbalgan Puberty and hope to collaborate with them in future~

Due to MBC current strike issue, EXO who supposedly promote their new song on 9 September at the music show has cancelled and so they appeared on “Kim Chang Yeol’s Old School” radio program which is the same broadcast time as the music show.

In the radio broadcast, when being asked on which singers that they wanted to collaborate the most, Baekhyun then exciting answered: “I really wanted to collaborate with Bolbbalgan Puberty, their music and voices are really great.” He even revealed that he is a big fans of them, he hopes if they listen to the radio please contact him.

Look at how exciting Baekhyun is~ xD After this, many fans have helped to tag Bolbbalgan Puberty and hope Baekhyun’s wish will come true~