Actor Lee Jong Suk held his fans meeting ‘Lee Jong Suk Private Stage ‘Dreamlike’ in Seoul on 10 September at Olympic Park and met 3000 fans.

The reason why the fans meeting is named as ‘Dreamlike’ is to portray the dreamy and mystery side of Lee Jong Suk. Through the fans meeting, fans able to see charm outside off his drama and movie characters. Lee Jong Suk has prepared for a long period just for this fans meeting, from dance performance to ballad songs and even showed his childhood photos.

The highlight of the fans meeting is his perfect dance movement, he performed Psy’s New Face! After the performance, he said ‘Is really embarrassing!’, but fans screamed out loud for his great performance!

His best friend, Yoon Kyun Sang made a surprise appearance which shocked Lee Jong Suk (ps: his face turned red~xD). Lee Jong Suk revealed that the reason why he joined ‘Three Days A Meal: Sea Ranch Special’ is because he wanted to shock Yoon Kyun Sang and so he privately find Na PD to discuss. Lee Jong Suk added: “Please watch the broadcast, cause I’ll be scolded if I revealed too much”.

Asides, Lee Jong Suk invited SBS’s new drama ‘While You Were Sleeping cast, Suzy, Jung Hae In, Ko Sung Hee and Shin Jae Ha and shared the interesting stories when shooting the drama. Lastly, Lee Jong Suk revealed that his hard time when filming movie ‘V.I.P’ and has he had worked hard to overcome his hard time. During that period he also learnt a lot from the seniors and said each fans meet has become his source of energy. 

Lee Jong Suk’s Private Stage will be held in China, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and more countries. Lee Jong Suk will make a stop to meet international fans~

photo source: YG Ent.