Running Man most recent episode received the highest viewership among 20~49 ethnic group. This will be ‘Running Man’ highest viewership after Jeon Somin and Yang Se Chan joined the show. The most recent episode invited many guests which include Baek Ji Young Sunmi, Sung Hoon and more.

Running Man has charted in Korea web search during it’s broadcast on 10 September and the guests’ names have also charted the websites. Sunmi sexy dance has received more than 550,000 views. The episode has also increased, which the first part has 5.9% and part 2 has 8.1% viewership.

Lee Elijah who well-known for her beauty, even Running Man members are crazy for her but as soon as she appeared she slipped and almost fall which caused lots of laughter. Lee Elijah also revealed that her name is not her stage name but is her real name. Many people also thought she is Korean who born in overseas, but she is actually from Kyungnam Cheong-won.

The highlight of part 1 is the dance battle session which Jeon Somi showed her crazy dance dragged along Sung Hoon just to win 10,000won. And Sung Hoon who said ‘I will not dance’ back stage, at the end did dance along. xD

Sunmi who recently comeback with her solo title track ‘Gashina’ showed her sexy wave and look at Yoo Jae Suk awkward face when Sunmi approached him~ xD

photo source: Running Man