SM Entertainment’s dance teacher Bae Goo Young (literal translate) is married! Many celebrities from the company has attended his wedding ceremony which includes Super Junior’s Eunhyuk as the wedding’s MC and EXO sings ‘Heaven’ to congrats the newly married couple~

Yesterday (10 Sep), SM Ent’s dance teacher Bae Goo Young held his wedding ceremony and TVXQ!, Super Junior, EXO and more have attended. The MC, Eunhyuk shared a photo of himself in suit.

Eunhyuk posted with caption: “Congratulations Hyung on your newly wedding! Live a good life with the bride! Was too busy to emcee for the wedding ceremony and didn’t take a photo with you, so I post my photo instead #weddingceremony #emcee #blacksuit”

Also another SM’s dance teacher Shim Jae Won shared EXO’s singing ‘Heaven’ on his Instagram.

우리 @mihawkback 장가가는 날 애들의 축가 행복만해라 내동생

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Baekhyun even asked the couple to ‘BOBO’ (which means kiss)~ The newly married couple did what Baekhyun asked for and received applause from the crowd~

@mihawkback 그의 답가

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The groom, Bae Goo Young even sang ‘Ko Ko Bop’ which he has participated in the dance choreography.

photo & video source: beatburgerjae, eunhyukee44@Instagram