We knew that Korean idols trained really hard to debut and other than training, they also constantly maintaining their figure and take good care of their visual. Idols have been continuously received attention for being ‘too thin’, ‘too fat’ and etc. Recently, girl group Pristin’s member Kyla has charted in various Korea’s forum. Pristin officially debuts in this March and has promoted for 6 months but Kyla charted the forum’s title not due to music but because of her figure.

The debates started from 23 August which is the day where Pristin released it’s 2nd mini album ‘SCHXXL OUT’, netizens pointed that Kyla is noticeable thicker on-screen compare to other members, and after then the internet has started to share Kyla photos.

Netizens pointed that Kyla’s figure is ruining the visual balance of the group. And as a rookie group, it’s important to creat topics in order to be famous, and Kyla has set as group risk factor, netizens commented: “She gave us the hope of that ‘even I can become idol'”, “An idol girl who needs to go on diet”, “Is obvious that she needs to self-managed” and more.

In a forum, there’s a note which hit 10,000 views, it stated: “Kyla’s figure explained that the agency did not stress the idols which is really good. Who said idol girl group must be skinny not chubby? Idol job is to dance and sing, why need to judge based on visual and figure? If you didn’t like then don’t watch, anyway if she’s skin you guys may not like her.”

Not only that, actually AOA’s Seolhyun was being criticised for her weight. She was intially 60kg to 50kg and now to 40++. Someone said that diet is women’s lifetime job but diet not only bring you beauty but also side effect. For example, gu9udan’s member, Mina immune system dropped due to diet. Apink’s Eunji also revealed that she had sinusitis due to diet and due to that she even had tonsil infection which caused her can’t sing for a long period of time.

Kyla who born in 2001 who is just a 16-year-old child who is currently growing. Hope netizens do not continue to criticise, instead use a positive view to see it. Hope she will not be affected by all these comments.

Source: Internet