Recently, it has rumours that Lee Hyori will be moving to Seoul and start a yoga school. Her agency has responded to the rumours.

Hyori’s Homestay left 2 episodes but the show’s popularity did not reduce but has increased. And many have started to ask for Season 2, not only that many people even went to Hyori’s house in Jeju Island which caused Hyori and her family suffered due to that.

And so, there’s rumour that Hyori will move to Seoul to avoid that.

To respond to the rumour, Hyori’s agency responded: “There are stories about Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon has moved to Seoul due to unwelcomed guests, and some even said Lee Hyori started a yoga school but these are all groundless rumours. Although it’s true that they are suffered due to unwelcomed guests, but the married couple did not plan to report or call for the authorities’ help. We can only hope that people will act civil and refrain from these behaviours.”

Many audiences also hope those people stop visiting Hyori’s house. Her house has become a tourist spot, hope these people think wisely and not causing any trouble to Hyori and her family members!

photo source: Hyori’s Homestay