WINNER’ Song Mino previously mentioned in the Journey to the West 4 that he wished to shoot ‘Youth Over Flowers’ with the members and now his wish is granted! Recently the production team revealed to shoot ‘New Journey to the West – A Supplementary Story’ and ‘Youth Over Flowers’ will be included.

What’s interesting about reality show ‘Youth Over Flowers’ is the guests will not be informed about their trip and will be courted to the ‘unknown’ country. Unlike previous ‘Youth Over Flowers’, this time the plan is revealed and WINNER has already know that they will be going for a trip, so they have prepared for it.

You will see WINNER carry their snack bag around no matter whenever they go.

WINNER also well-dressed just in case they were taken for the sudden trip.

WINNER also posted on their SNS stated: ‘We are slightly wits, members even open the luggage in the room and every day put unnecessary things inside #don’t worry, we did not know today, tomorrow or when we will be ‘kidnapped’ to what location, so we just suspect. We bought snacks and even wear smart clothes #hahaha”

The post showed that the members are more than excited to go for this ‘unexpected’ trip~

Although WINNER is well-prepared but the experienced production team definitely will use a different method to bring them to the sudden trip.

photo source: Instiz