Today, YG Entertainment revealed that: “Brother Lee Chan Hyuk is confirmed to enlist in the marines on 18 September.” the talented duo group Akdong

According to source, Adking Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk hopes to quietly enlist in the military and will not have additional activity. the talented duo group Akdong

Lee Chan Hyuk who is 21 years-old this year and previously he also mentioned during an interview that he hoped to enlist in the military this year and will continue his singer promotion after that.

After his enlist announcement, many have put the attention on his sister, Lee Soohyun solo activity. The good brother, Lee Chan Hyuk actually thinks ahead and have written many songs for his sister.

Akdong Musician participated K-pop Star 2 in 2012 and won the 1st place and right after they signed under YG and officially debut. This year January they 2nd full album ‘Winter’ has charted the music charts and ‘Last Goodbye’ has received great feedback. We will only able to see the siblings collaboration after 2 years!

photo source: Lee Chan Hyuk IG, Akdong Musician FB Page