Many have started to curious, is Super Junior hinting on their upcoming album which will be released soon?

We bet ELF has released that recently, Super Junior has consistently posted on their personal Instagram and the members have also left almost similar comments such as ‘Warning’, ‘Nope’, ‘BiongBiong’ (signal of sending hearts) and more.

When Eunhyuk posted his selfie on his IG with caption: “BiongBiong”, Yesung replied: “….??”, Shin Dong replied: “Warning for BiongBiong!! You can’t!!” Lee Teuk replied: “Warning! What’s that ear rings?” Hee Chul also replied: “hehe, What’s on your ear, is that clip? This is a big warning!!”

When Yesung posted a photo when Super Junior is practising, Eunhyuk then replied: “My back has copyright, warning”.

When Leeteuk posted the cute dog photos, Eunhyuk then replied: “Biongbiong warning”, Eunhyuk: “No to heart fluttered!! Warning!!” Hee chul also replied:”Ya! This is a serious warning, please reflect during next meeting.”

When Heechul posted a photo of him in black and white suit, he also received the warning signal. Eunhyuk replied: “Pretend to be handsome, warning.”

Not only that, Eunhyuk and Shindong also received the warning comments from the members when their posted on their personal Instagram. So all these ‘warning’ comments have made the fans curious that are the members are teasing or hinting for the title of their next album?

Recently, there’s rumour stated that Super Junior will release their new album on 6 November which is the day of their 12th Debut Anniversary but they have denied this rumours. No matter how, their interaction on SNS have attracted fans attention and fans are looking forward to their comeback.

photo source: Super Junior’s members IG