Great news to EXID’s fans!

Today, EXID’s agency revealed that: “EXID currently set end of October as their comeback month, and is in the midst of preparing for the new album. The detailed schedule is not confirmed yet. Solji will participate in the album recording but it is not confirmed on whether she will be joining this comeback promotion. All details still need further discussion.”

Soji previously was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and has halted all her promotions. This year August, when EXID held their final concert in Seoul, Solji made a special appearance and told fans: “I know you guys miss me a lot, that’s the reason why I came. Today, only the staff know I am coming and the members did not know.” The heart felted moment made fans and the members shed tears.

Recently, she also collaborated with Primary and sang one of the songs in Primary’s new album. Check out the song:

Looking forward to Solji return and EXID new track!