JTBC2’s new variety show ‘Suffering While Living’ features g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung, Junggigo, Girl’s Day’s Sojin, Soyou and NU’EST’s Ren. This will be Ren first permanent variety show.

There are various JTBC’s variety shows that received lots of attention from the public as they have interesting contents that cater the audiences’ interest. The variety shows include ‘Knowing Brothers’, ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, ‘Hyori’s Homestay’, ‘Goblin’ and more.

And today, JTBC announced to broadcast new variety show ‘Suffering While Living’ which they will invite different guest in each episode and go to an unknown place with the cast. Yesterday they held the press conference and each cast has expressed their thought towards this new program.

Girl’s Day’s Sojin: “Initially I thought it was just backpack travel but didn’t know it will be so exhausting. But thanks to the members who take care of one another during the trip, so the experience is unforgettable.”

Soyou also mentioned: “We need to earn the money by ourselves in order to have meal and sleep, I was worried that we have no money and need to sleep by the roadside, and so has gained lots of stress. But that’s the reason why our relationship became better and closer.”

NU’EST’s Ren said: “I’m the youngest among them and I have no experience in joining variety show so I was worried about how to get close with the seniors. But the sisters are taking good care of me, so my worries were unnecessary, we get along just like family members.”

And when being asked did he get any tips from NU’EST’s Kim Jong Hyun who is the permanent member of variety show ‘Goblin’, Ren said: “Two of us joining as permanent members for the first time and filming together with seniors. So he told me I just need to do like how I did when I’m with the members.”

g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung and Junggigo also stated: “When we reached Belgium, we only found out that we were cheated, we only knew the program name called ‘Suffering While Living’ after we touched town the country.

The program will broadcast it’s first episode today, so do check out the show if you’re interested.

photo source: JTBC