Congratulations to EXO as their received their 100th trophies in 5 years. EXO took the first place at M! Countdown and welcomed their 100th trophy.

On the most recent broadcast of M! Countdown, EXO took the first place with ‘Power’ and received 11,000 points in total, which is the highest point in the music show.

Previously, it has reported that EXO has received their 100th trophy in this July, but that was actually included group, individual and collaboration track. So this time around, the data is based on EXO, the group as a whole and won their 100th trophy. They even shared the great news on SNS with details on each 1st place information.

EXO won their first trophy at Music Bank based on the first full album title song ‘Wolf’. Look at their excitement when received their first trophy.

Right after, EXO has continuously received trophies and became one of the top groups. They also received the trophy in Music Bank.

photo source: to owner