Is time to share some Korea related information. This time we want to share the feelings that related to food that often expressed by Koreans.

When Korean expressed their refreshing moment, they will say: “Feeling refreshing just like drinking the cider.” (사이다 마신 것처럼 가슴이 뻥 뚫린다).

Not only that, it was often used in drama as well. The best scene to describe the ‘cider’ feeling is drama Fight My Way which the scene between Baek Seol Hee and Jang Ye Jin. Jang Ye Jin went to afind Baek Seol Hee and apologise after knowing that Seol Hee and Joo Man have broken up. Seol Hee said: “Just do what you want to do. We won’t married and have broken up, so you need come and explain to me.” When Ye Jin was happy on what Seol Hee has said, Seol hee then splashed a cup of water to her. Seol Hee said: “Doesn’t matter that I splashed you a cut of water right? Previously, you did not know so I’m fine but now you know and still do this. You are such as bad lady.”

However, when you have the ‘blue’ mood/ moody, Korean will say: “Just like eating the sweet potato feeling frustration.” (고구마 먹은 것처럼 답답하다)

It explained that when someone personality who did not say what they want directly. You asked the questions but they answered a differently. This person will be known as ‘Little sweet potato’ (고답이).

(photo source: Twitter@owo_el)

The scene that best explained this frustration feeling is drama ‘Manhole’ which Kim Jaejoong has missed several times of his confession timing to UEE. Even he said: “This is just like eating 100 sweet potatoes that frustrating”

After our introduction, have you ever heard of how they used these 2 words?

photo source: Internet