Many people know that Lee Jong Suk has dreamt to have his own coffee shop and recently he has fulfilled his wish~ If you’re going to Seoul, do mark this cafe as your visit spot.

Lee Jong Suk has been busy for movie, drama shooting and promotion but other than being an actor, he also fulfilled his wish of owning a coffee shop. 

Recently, he purchased a mansion and renovated it and become a coffee shop named ’89mansion’ in Shinsadong.

89mansion is a cafe with the modern design and you’ll be surprised by each corner in the cafe.

He wrote a message on the wall: “Although the flower is withering, but the heart will not wither away. The heart that dances along with the falling petals, charmingly stacked up at noon.” (ps: don’t miss out this photo zone)

He also planted the flower given by the fans at the cafe.

Currently, 89mansion only sell beverages and desserts such as coffee, beer and cake. But not long after, additional foods will be added to the menu.

The cafe operates on Tuesday to Sunday from 11AM. Do note that the cafe did not operate on every Monday.

Address: 523-30 Shinsadong, Seoul
Operation Hour: Tuesday – Sunday from 11AM