Drama The King in Love main cast, Siwan enlisted in the military before the drama airs and now the drama has left few episodes. Recently, the production team and the main leads went to the military to meet Prince Wang Won~

Yesterday, actor Kim Jung Wook who stars as the character of Eunuch Kim in the drama has shared a photo of ‘The King in Love’ team group photo together with Siwan. Yoona, Hong Jong Hyun, Oh Min Suk, Kim Jung Wook, Yoon Jong Hoon and more went to visit Siwan who is currently serving his military service. From the photo, we can see that Siwan seems all great in the military.

Previously, when Yoona appeared on ‘Happy Together’, she said: “We have promised to visit Siwan after he allocated to the division. We will go together with ‘The King in Love’ production team.”

Siwan has enlisted in the military on 11 July and began his 21 months mandatory military service. He is scheduled to be discharged on 10 April 2019. Asides, today it is reported that Siwan has chosen among the trainees and became the assistant instructors for new recruits.

Hope he returns healthy!

photo source: Kim Jung Wook IG, TVDaily