Sometimes, fans will exaggerate with comes to their favourite idol. Recently, Nine Muses’ Sojin uploads a photo of her cover dance on EXO’s The Eve.

Sojin posted the video with caption: “Yesterday’s hot Friday, senior EXO’s The Eve”. Her caption has received lots of attention as EXO fans started to comment and expressed their anger towards her caption.

어제의 불금 엑소선배님들의 전야🌙 . . . #댄솢 #전야

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EXO’s fans comment on her post: “Ya, You guys debuted on August 2010, EXO is not your senior..” But seems like the fans has misunderstood and so Sojin replies and explains: “I was debuted in 2014, of course, they are my senior, thank you for your concern.”

Is right that Nine Muses debuted in August 2010 but Sojin joined the group in 2014 and so EXO who debuted in 2012 has become her senior. So, that’s right that she called EXO as senior.

photo source: instiz/Sojin’s IG