NU’EST Kim Jong Hyun recently has received attention from the public as he wore different colour checked shirts on variety show.

NU’EST leader, Kim Jong Hyun recently appears on ‘Suspicious Singer’ and ‘Night Goblin’ as the permanent member, and fans found that actually, Jong Hyun is a checked-shirts lover as you will see him wore different colours of checked-shirt on each episode of the variety shows.

In the latest episode of Night Goblin, the members went to Gangneung and Jong Hyun can’t hide his excitement as he returned to his hometown. He bought Lee Soo Geun to the market where his parent’s previous shop located at, the neighbour also recognise him.

Previously, when he made a special appearance on ‘Wanna One Go’, he also wore checked-shirt. Even in his daily life, he wore checked-shirt.

Fans even find a checked-shirt shop photo and states that Jong Hyun’s cupboard would look exactly like the picture.

When Jong Hyun appeared on ‘Knowing Brothers’, he reveals that reason why he always wears long-sleeve. He says: “because I don’t like to reveal.”

Asides, NU’EST W is confirmed to return with new album on 10 October and Pledis Entertainment states that their new album will include songs that full of Autumn feel. Yesterday, they have revealed Jong Hyun’s teaser photo!

(photo source:JTBC、Mnet、Pledis、IG@pockyjr、Internet)