Before debuting as an idol, many have experienced the long journey training in the company as a trainee. Some have trained for 1 year and some even trained for more than 10 years. Recently, BTS’s Jimin reveals the struggles that he experienced.

BTS has just released their new album and the music video has surpassed a million views. BTS appears on ‘BTS Comeback Show – DNA’ in conjunction with their comeback stage, member Jimin reveals that he almost not able to debut as a member of BTS. “2 days before BTS official debut day, I almost kicked out from the group because many people haveĀ opposed towards me in joining the group.”

Jimin has successfully debuted and break lots of new record with the members. Jimin then said: “because of me, BTS is complete.” After his self-praising, Jimin states: “Actually I gave up lots of things in Busan and came all the way to Seoul, actually I was very scared on don’t know when I’ll be able to debut.”

Anyway, BTS is one of the popular idol group in town! All the best BTS!

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