James posted on his Instagram and open up about his health issue after an accident that occurred in a restaurant.

James joined Royal Pirates in 2009 who played bass and after received much popularity via Youtube, they officially debuted in 2013.

James is 29 this year with 188cm, who is also famous in the model industry. In 2014, when ‘America’s Next Top Model’ came to Korea for shooting, James has joined the filming.

But everything changed when the horrific accident happens in 2015.

During that year, James and his friend went to a Chinese restaurant in Seoul but a door frame fell upon him resulting in his left-hand injuries and so he so he stopped all promotion just to receive therapy. He gave up playing the bass guitar and even changed to play keyboard instead.

On November 2015, Royal Pirates released the song ‘Run Away’ which James wrote his thought after the accident in the lyrics.

James did not give up to receive therapy but this year February he announced to leave the band: “I need to undergo the 6th hand operation. My head still has thrombus. Hope everybody agrees my decision.”

In July, James posted his left-hand photos on Instagram, we can see many scars on his hand due to many operations.

We thought he will recover after the operations and undergo such a long period of therapy, but….

Actually before James joining the group as the bass guitarist, the previous guitarist has passed away and so James joined to replace the spot. Royal Pirates previously was called Fading From Dawn Band which is formed in 2004 by Moon, Soo Yoon and Richard (Moon’s brother). In 2008, Richard passed away in a car accident, the next year, James joined the band and debuted in 2013 as Royal Pirates with ‘Shout Out’.

Wish them all the best and hope James a speedy recovery.

photo source: James Facebook, Twitter, IG and more