Hyori’s Homestay aired its final episode yesterday and IU leave Jeju Island and back to Seoul!

When the moment to say goodbye, seems like IU is about to cry but Lee Hyori then stops her from crying and said: ‘No! Don’t do that!’ 

IU says goodbye to the lovely dogs in Hyori’s house and gives the letter that she wrote last night to the couple.

After sending off IU, Lee Hyori then started to write the hand-written letter by IU, Hyori’s facial expression changed while reading it and she covered her face when Lee Sang Soon saw him. She then shouted: “I did not cry! I’m just a bit tired!” 

We did not know what IU has written, but what we saw is at the end of the letter, it is written ‘The Ji Eun that is similar and different from sister’

Lee Hyori and IU really have different personalities but they have special existence to one another. Although Lee Hyori said: “Normally we already said what we wanted to say, and we’re not the style that will write letters to each other. So don’t cry”

Hyori’s Homestay marks it’s final episode, thanks, IU, Lee Hyori, Lee Sang Soon and the guests created the best memories for the audiences. Hope Season 2 will soon be aired.

*photo source: Lee Hyori’s Homestay Screen Capture