Recently, IU’s agency states: ‘The full album ‘Flower Bookmark 2’ which is planned to be released on 25 September will be delayed due to the production issues. We are aiming to release it in mid-October, we will soon announce the exact release date.”

According to the news, it is reported that the album release date was postponed because the album has included a track originally by the late singer, Kim Kwang Seok which the recent revelations surrounding his daughter’s death.

Yesterday, IU hold his 9th Anniversary fans meeting and has expressed her thought: ‘Recently I also saw the news because he is also a senior that I really like, so I’m having a heavy feeling. Without the song, the remake album is not complete but should do so. If I released the song now, the song will make other people had the mix feelings. So at the end, we have decided to remove the song and so the album production has delayed. I feel so sorry to all of you.”

Many fans who attended the fans meeting have stated that IU who rarely cry in front of the fans, cried when mentioned about the production delayed. Asides, IU has posted photos of the wreath rice support from the fans~

photo source: IG@dlwlrma, FAVE Ent, Internet