Have you watched drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ yesterday? The first and second episodes have received great reviews from the audiences.

Suzy starring as the female lead, Nam Hong Joo who has the ability to predict the future through her dream. Things that happen in her dream will become reality. Today, she has new neighbour who newly moved in next to her house, which is Jung Jae Chan starring by Lee Jong Suk. Same as Hong Joo, Jae Chan also has the ability to predict the future through his dream.

Hong Joo dreamt about her in the hospital and was told that her mother has died. In reality, the story is following what she dreamt: She met Lee Yoo Beom through a blind date and started their relationship. During the valentines day, she sat Yoo Beom’s car back to her house but was accidentally hit a passerby. Hong Joo was seriously injured and was unconscious for a year.

During the moment when she was lying in the hospital, her mother worked hard to compensate the victim’s families and to raise money for Hong Joo’s hospital expenses, but before Hong Joo’s awake, her mother passed away. What’s shocking to Hong Joo was the driver who hit the passerby has changed from Yoo Beom to her name. She was frame by Yoo Beom that she was the driver on that day and so Hong Joo decided to suicide as nobody willing to believe her.

But, the story above is actually Jae Chan’s dream. Although he does not really understand why he dreamt of his neighbour but during the valentines day, he tried to stop Hong Joo from going to her dating, but nobody believes what he has said.

Jae Chan found out that what he dreamt of is slowly becoming true in reality and so he tried his best to stop the incident and save the passerby.

Nobody understands why Jae Chan does so expect Hong Joo. Hong Joo understands that he is trying to stop the bad dream from becoming true. And so, the episode ended with Hong Joo approaching Jae Chan and said: “I believe you”.

The 1 hour episode has ended and audiences have expressed that they did not feel the time has passed that quick as the story is really interesting.

‘While You Were Sleeping’ has received lots of attention since its filming in early this year. ps: Actress Kim So Hyun will make a cameo appearance in today’s episode.

Do stay tuned!

photo source: SBS