If you watched Hyori’s Homestay, you will know that IU is full of love with the dogs and cats at Hyori’s house. Recently, IU held her fans meeting and she received the flower wreath from “the dogs and cats”….

The adorable dogs and cats in Hyori’s house has received lots of love from the guests and of course from the part-timer IU as well.

IU’s favourites Guana and Mimi specially sent the flower wreath to IU’s 9th anniversary fans meeting. Guana’s flower wreath states: “JTBC’s Hyori’s Homestay Guana, congratulations on Ji Eun onniĀ 9th Anniversary, bark bark bark bark~~~” And Mimi’s flower wreath written: “Mieow, mieow, mieow, mieow, congratulations on Ji Eun Nuna’s Fan meeting, JTBC’s Hyori’s Homestay Mimi”

Many fans spotted the flower wreath stated that: “Is really cute!” Hyori’s Homestay has broadcasted its final episode, did you shed tears while watching it?

photo source: IG@dlwlrma, JTBC