Today we would like to introduce a guesthouse with Line Friends as the theme.

Most of the girls’ dream room which the room is designed in all pink. Not only the room is decorated with Brownie and Sally, even the toilet as well. 

The room has included a kitchen and a bathroom and equipped with a small fridge, microwave and coffee machine. (ps: all in pink~ xD)

Milk, chocolates and snacks are in the fridge which is FREE to eat! Even the snacks fit the LINE FRIENDS theme!

The owner will provide breakfast, of course with Sally accompanion~

Even the dining set is in LINE FRIENDS series!

Other than the double room, the guesthouse has also included a room for 4 people (ladies only).

The double room called VeryBrown Twin and the sharing room called Lmo House which is available for foreign ladies only and they did not accept Korean. No worries on language barrier, as the owner is able to communicate in English and Korean.

The guesthouse is conveniently located at Ehwa University station, exit 3 with a walking distance of 2 minutes. Most importantly, there’s lift at the guesthouse which you have no worries to carry your heavy luggage all the way to upstairs.

Do check out this guesthouse if you visit Seoul:

*photo source: IG@corpmina