Actress So Hyun’s acting is really great! The anger and sadness as the character Park So Yoong has received lots of compliments from the audiences. Also, she reunited with Shin Ja Ha in the drama. Did you still remember which drama they have previously collaborated?

Yesterday broadcast of ‘While You Were Sleeping’, So Hyun has made a cameo appearance as she’s close with the writer Park Hye Ryun (writer of ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ and ‘Page Turner” and so she decided to support by making a cameo appearance in the drama.

So Hyun starring as Park So Yoong which her mother fainted while playing the piano on stage. Her father has been on violence to her mother and collaborates with Lee Yoo Beom (starring by Lee Sang Seob) to abuse the laws. In order to stop her father from being violence, So Yoong then plans to frame him. Jung Seung Won (starring by Shin Jae Ha) then followed her after knowing the whole scenario. Then the dream started.

Kim So Hyun expressed the mixed feelings of anger and sadness and left a strong impression to the audience.

What’s worth to mention is Shin Jae Ha and Kim So Hyun have reunited after the short drama ‘Page Turner’ which talks about 3 students youthful story surrounding piano. (ps: the drama only has 3 episodes)

Asides, While You Were Sleeping just broadcasted for 2 episodes but have already received great responses locally and internationally. Looking forward to the next episodes!

*photo source: SBS, KBS